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Are you ready for the competition #Zero Hackathon?


Ciao/Hi everyone welcome back!
Here we are once again to give to you the good news, ROMUN is happening!
Are you available to share your ideas with fellow thinkers and technical experts? Are you prepared to compete for innovative proposals that may impact on future generations? Are you ready to fly to New York on September 2017 take part in the General Assembly?!
This edition consists of a mix of ingredients that will allow you to experience the real UN!
To all you students from all over the world we are offering a challenging initiative to speak your mind on the most pressing international issues: ZERO Hackathon, the first youth competition for a sustainable future.

The Italian Society for International Organization (SIOI – UNA Italy) together with the Students’ Movement for International Organization (MSOI/UNYA-Italy), in partnership with the United States Diplomatic Mission to Italy, and with the technical support of Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), launch ZERO Hackathon.
160 talented students from all over the world will convene at the FAO Hq from November 30th to December 2nd to participate in a international competition with the aim of shaping concrete solutions to the most pressing challenges of our century. In particular, the issues to be tackled are going to reflect the wider programme highlighted by the 2016 World Food Day “Climate is changing, food and agriculture must too”.
ZERO Hackathon is a completely new way of engaging future generation on global issues, and the starting point to shape a new frontier of problem solving and developing proposals.
Furthermore, ZERO Hackathon will skip from simulation to reality offering the possibility to few Italian students to represent their peers at the United Nations! Within the framework of the United Nations Youth Delegate Programme, SIOI will select two Italian students to be included in the Italian diplomatic Delegation at the 72nd session of the UN General Assembly in New York.
We are waiting for your innovative vision, critical thinking, passion and civic engagement that will bring you in the real world of the United Nations.
New friends will be made, many pizza will be eaten and memories made will, like the city, be eternal. The rest is up to you, get going and make a difference.
Looking forward to seeing you all in Rome!